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Why Choose Us

Why Choose the Thielen Independent Insurance Agency (TIIA)?

Quote Simplification-Time Saving

Everyone I talk to dislikes the time-consuming process to get home and auto insurance quotes. I understand. As an independent agency, we have many companies to get insurance quotes for you. We have the largest, financially healthy, and excellent service companies.

The take 10 minutes or less to send up a copy of your home and auto declaration (coverage summary) pages, DOB (date of births), driver licenses of all in-home and we shop for you!  We ask a few questions tied into potentially more credits and we shop for you. This process makes it quick and easy to find the perfect insurance for you personally.

Excellent Service

We are there for you before, during, and after the policy issuance. We look out for and support YOU! We are your advocates.


You will be dealing with an agency that has over 20 years’ experience including working for carriers so expertise that covers both agency and carrier.  We never stop learning so we can continue to add value to our clients.

Love My Work

You & I want to find the doctor, dentist, or accountant that loves their work. Are they not going to be the best because they love their profession? Are they not going to continue to learn more about the subject they love?  I love my work and I'm passionate about finding you the right insurance coverage for the best quote.

We would love to be your Personal Insurance Shopper, give us a call, 479-553-7559.